Dr Ramon Wenzel

  • Dr Ramon Wenzel
    Research Assistant Professor

    Centre for Social Impact, Business school, The University of Western Australia

About Ramon

Dr Ramon Wenzel is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Social Impact, The University of Western Australia. He is the Chief Investigator of the Australian Not-for-profit Workforce Study and founding Director of the ‘Learning for Purpose’ initiative to research and realise capability development in the Not-for-Profit sector. He also developed the first Action Learning Program bespoke to social service sector organisations.

His landmark research on the Social Return on Education and Training has been used to inform professional development policy and practice in the Not-for-Profit sector. He draws on human psychology and organisational management to understand and improve the multiple forms of formal and informal work learning, and to identify barriers and enablers for gaining and sustaining the key competencies required for social change.

Ramon has a vision for a thriving Not-for-Profit sector that attracts, develops, retains and motivates the best talent to change the world for the better.

About the Session 

Learning for Purpose: Insights from the largest ever research study on – and for – NFP leaders, staff and volunteers

The Australian Not-for-profit Workforce Study is the largest ever research survey into the opportunities and challenges of working and volunteering in the Australian NFP sector. Using big data from organisations, employees and volunteers from all sectors and jurisdictions, the study provides unparalleled insights into staff engagement, development, well-being, careers, and impact.

Dr Wenzel will reveal the first findings from this world-first study focused on people, performance and purpose, including industry benchmarks for how your organisation compares on over 30 key metrics. You’ll be given access to data-driven workforce analytics to learn about the key things you need to do to improve staff and volunteer management and satisfaction, and become a better manager and employer.

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