Workplace Diversity

Unconscious bias is keeping women out of senior NFP roles, but we can get around it

Most people would not consciously decide to hire candidates based on whether they remind them of themselves. But one unconscious bias – affinity bias – may lead people to favour candidates who are like themselves, research shows.

If senior managers and NFP boards are made up of mostly men who unconsciously engage in such bias, it stands to reason that more men than women will continue to be hired and promoted – particularly men who share the same background with current managers. This only serves to perpetuate the cycle of men outnumbering women in leadership positions.

So what can be done?

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Women in leadership: how does your NFP stack up?

Australia’s record on women in leadership isn’t a shining one. Despite comprising around 46 percent of the Australian workforce, women make up only a quarter of key management staff.

But what about the NFP sector? Surely for organisations dedicated to a more just and equitable world, the statistics would look a lot better?

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Staff with kids? This new website is here to help.

“Higher absenteeism, lower productivity, higher staff turnover… as well as reputational damage”. They’re just a few of the issues arising from an alarming amount of workplace discrimination uncovered by the Australian Human Rights Commission related to pregnancy, parental leave or returning to work from leave. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic new website to address these very issues.

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4 things your organisation can do to stop racism

Over the last weeks it’s been impossible to miss the controversy of AFL player, Brownlow Medalist and former Australian-of-the-Year Adam Goodes being booed by football crowds – and the impact of the crowd behaviour on Goodes himself and on Australia’s view of itself as a mature, tolerant and diverse society. So what is your organisation doing to stop racism? And what more could it be doing? Here’s four ideas from the “Racism. It Stops With Me” campaign.

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Better opportunities for older people will transform your organisation: Tips from the Age Discrimination Commissioner

It’s the reality that employers are only just beginning to address: the Australian workforce is getting older, fast. As Generation X-ers begin to enter their 50s, NFPs need to plan for the challenges of an older workforce, but also recognise the significant benefits that longer, healthier careers can bring to the sector. Susan Ryan AO […]

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