Workplace Diversity

Better opportunities for older people will transform your organisation: Tips from the Age Discrimination Commissioner

It’s the reality that employers are only just beginning to address: the Australian workforce is getting older, fast. As Generation X-ers begin to enter their 50s, NFPs need to plan for the challenges of an older workforce, but also recognise the significant benefits that longer, healthier careers can bring to the sector. Susan Ryan AO […]

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Given the Chance, how many more lives can your organisation change?

You probably know that diversity is good. Good for your organisation (diverse workforces perform better), good for your team (more diverse workforces lead to higher client satisfaction), and good for your staff (staff in diverse workforces are more committed and less absent). But despite all of this goodness, many organisations can be daunted by the idea of increasing […]

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A challenge to NFP organisations: consider employing someone with a disability

Of the 2.1 million working-age Australians with a disability, the majority are unemployed, despite many of them having a desire and the ability to work.  This represents an incredible opportunity for NFPs to widen their recruitment pool and not only meet their workforce needs but also improve their organisation’s performance.   In this guest post, Tom […]

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