Amie Reed

  • Amie Reed
    Manager of Human Resources

    Merri Health

Co-design your values: Principles and tools to drive culture change

(Speaking with Viviana Rosas)

What is “co-design” and why choose it as a method to develop organisational values?

Join Merri Health’s Amie Reed and Viviana Rosas as they take you on a journey of implementing best practice co-design principles in the development of organisational values.

You’ll learn the principles of co-design, why co-design is an effective tool, the benefits of collaboration between HR and marketing, and practical tips for applying co-design to your own organisation.

About Amie

Amie Reed is Manager of Human Resources at Merri Health, and provides strategic advice to management in the areas of industrial relations, culture development and innovative project management for mid-sized NFP health organisations. She is a 2018 Ironfish Australian HR Manager of the Year finalist.

Between them, Amie and Viviana have 19 years’ experience in the private and not-for-profit sector. They have worked closely, fusing the knowledge of human resources with innovative communications practices to develop a new way of embedding change.


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