Anna Pannuzzo

  • Anna Pannuzzo


Workshop: Raising the bar in HR: Detoxifying your workplace culture

A healthy workplace culture allows NFP organisations to deliver sustainable, quality services. The onus is on leadership to be proactive in fostering the workplace culture, rather leaving it to run and potentially turn toxic.

This 2-hour workshop considers the characteristics of a toxic workplace and offers a holistic approach to achieving your desired organisational culture. Included is a discussion of key challenges and winning strategies for effective performance management and proper handling of complex staff issues, including:

• Identifying the six red flags of a toxic workplace: learning to recognise the warning signs.

  • Discovering the six key focus areas of a healthy workplace culture, including tips for reviewing and improving each focus area.
  • Tips for effective performance management and conflict resolution, from courageous communication to managing challenging behaviours.

About Anna

Anna Pannuzzo is the Director of WorkPlacePLUS and holds 25+ years of senior HR management experience in the health, disability, aged care and NFP sectors. She is degree qualified and a certified professional member of several highly regarded industry associations – including the AHRI and the Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators.

Anna is a regular guest on ABC Radio National’s “This Working Life” and “Best Practice”. She has delivered training programs on bullying and harassment, leadership and performance management to some of Australia’s leading health and NFP organisations. Anna’s nursing background provides a unique insight into the HR challenges that many employers face.


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