Ariana Tutini

  • Ariana Tutini
    Director, People Strategy

    Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation

Workshop: Employer Branding and People Engagement for NFPs – 3 real journeys, 300 real stories

(Speaking with Mark Puncher & Fiona Millar )

Employer branding – it’s easy to talk about it but who’s doing it well and winning? In this lively, “warts and all” session, two NFP people leaders and an employer branding (EB) specialist will show you their EB journey, from EVP to a culture of employee storytelling. They’ll share what worked, what didn’t and what they leaned along the way. Through blood, sweat and (happy) tears, these leaders have driven real cultural change which has benefited the communities they serve. They can’t wait to show you how you can do the same, including:

• Where you should focus your energy for best outcomes

• How to sell employer branding internally

• How to involve your people and drive active employee advocacy of your brand – the nirvana of employer branding!

About Ariana

Ariana Tutini is the Director, People Strategy of Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation, an independent Aboriginal-controlled health service representing communities across the Miwatj region in East Arnhem Land, NT.

Growing up in a family which was shaped by a cultural landscape drawn from both a Maori and Pacific heritage, and with Iwi affiliations to Cook Islands Maori and New Zealand Maori, formed the basis for her passion for improvements in Indigenous health. Ariana’s work at Miwatj Health over the past nine years has involved her in all aspects of integrated models of remote Aboriginal Primary Healthcare, including overseeing the organization’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander workforce strategy.

She has studied law, business and nursing, and has presented at conferences on a number of issues in respect of remote Aboriginal primary health care workforce and service delivery on behalf of Miwatj Health.

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