Belinda Miller

  • Belinda Miller
    Employment and Discrimination Solicitor

    Women's Legal Centre (ACT & Region)

Domestic and family violence: How to develop your organisation’s response

Domestic and family violence (DFV) in Australia is a problem that requires a whole-of-society response. But many NFP employers are unaware and unprepared for the role they can and should play in supporting staff who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, DFV.

This session will explore why NFP employers need to consider DFV a workplace issue, and how to develop a legally informed workplace strategy for responding to DFV, including empowering managers and co-workers to respond to – and appropriately manage – DFV in the workplace.

About Belinda

With previous experience as a union industrial officer, Belinda is an expert in understanding employee grievances and common employer responses.

In her current role Belinda combines this technical knowledge with firsthand experience of supporting women who are suffering violence maintain their employment.

She has been published in Fairfax publications and academic journals on topics including domestic and family violence leave; managing disability in the workplace; and is also an experienced presenter on workplace law topics.

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