Cassandra Hatton

  • Cassandra Hatton
    General Manager Human Resources

    St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria

Creating powerful moments to engage and mobilise your people

The boundary lines between our personal and professional lives are changing and shifting. As employers fight for the heart and mind of their employees against the changing organisational landscape and war for talent, the ability to create intentional moments of connection is becoming increasingly important. 

With strategy and creativity at its heart, this presentation will help you understand the power and impact of intentional moments and how to create them in order to mobilise your workforce towards your organisation’s purpose.

This is not a “nice to have” concept but rather a strategic imperative that will capture the hearts and minds of your workforce and engage and connect them with your purpose.

About Cassandra

Cassandra is a professional and passionate leader with a great interest and extensive skill set in Leadership, Human Resources and Culture.

A 2018 finalist for the AHRI Dave Ulrich HR Leader Award, Cassandra brings a fresh perspective to leadership, teamwork and culture. Cassandra is passionate about innovating to make the ‘employment experience’ the very best it can be and believes work should be enjoyed, not endured!

Cassandra is also a mentor for emerging female leaders. The ‘Winning at Work’ mentoring program is all about inspiring, equipping and empowering women to win in their careers enabling them to have greater opportunity, earning capacity and personal fulfillment.

In her current role as General Manager Human Resources with St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria she forms part of the Executive Team and provides leadership and oversight to the Human Resources, Learning and Development, WHS, Wellbeing, Volunteers and Culture functions. St Vincent de Paul Society is an iconic Australian brand with over 12,000 volunteers and 300 employees serving over 350,000 people every year in their time of need.

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