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  • Chuck Berger

    Kimberley Community Legal Services

Reinventing your organisational chart

Your organisation probably has an org chart. It probably has boxes connected by lines, shaped like a pyramid with a CEO at the top. That chart probably – hopefully – has little relationship to how you or your people work effectively in practice. 

Most organisations are a complex web of relationships and teams, including staff, clients, funders, and many others. But most org charts show a dull and linear hierarchy. 

In this workshop, we’ll be throwing that chart out the window and develop a new illustration of your organisation that communicates the essence of your organisation’s mission, culture and function. Take care, this might even cause you to radically rethink your organisation’s structure and culture and inspire engagement in your organisation!

About Chuck

Chuck has been the Manager of Kimberley Community Legal Services since 2016, and was previously Legal Counsel and Director of Strategic Ideas at the Australian Conservation Foundation (2003-2013), and CEO of Outdoors Victoria (2013-2016).

Chuck has managed teams of increasing size and complexity, and in his most recent chief executive roles, has been responsible for overall organisational function and direction.

Chuck’s interest in org charts has come from a journey at KCLS from a hierarchical chart (and organisation) to one focused on teams and meaningful relationships, not “reporting lines”.

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