Dr. Cathy Kezelman

  • Dr. Cathy Kezelman

    Blue Knot Foundation

Presentation: Managing Vicarious Trauma – Risks and Strategies

Trauma is common. The recent bushfires have impacted us all either directly or indirectly. Many people have also experienced other traumas in their lives – abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation. 

Many of us working in the not for profit sector engage with or support people with a lived experience of trauma on a daily basis. This puts us at the very real risk of vicarious trauma. 

This presentation will provide a foundational understanding of trauma, its impacts and the early signs of vicarious trauma. It will provide a number of strategies  – both individual and organisational – to mitigate the risks of Vicarious trauma and manage it in your staff and volunteers.

About Cathy

Dr. Cathy Kezelman AM is a medical practitioner and President of Blue Knot Foundation  – National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. Under her stewardship Blue Knot Foundation has grown from a peer support organisation to a national centre of excellence around complex trauma. The organisation is a leader in trauma-informed practice and policy nationally.  Cathy has co-authored a significant number of cutting edge Blue Knot publications around complex trauma, trauma-informed practice and vicarious trauma.

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