Jimmy Rodgers

  • Jimmy Rodgers

    The Reach Foundation

What makes millennials tick and how to manage and motivate them

(Speaking with Louisa Keck)

The millennial workforce is here. Our organisations are filled with them. But what do they want?

This session unpacks this occasionally-maligned generation of workers and delves into just what they are looking for in their professional lives.

Facilitated by two of Reach’s highly experienced millennial facilitators, this fun, interactive session is a must-attend for anyone who manages millennial staff.

It will help you uncover why millennials act, think and behave as they do, and provides suggestions on how managers can motivate and get the most out of the millennials working for or with them.

About Jimmy

Jimmy has been involved with The Reach Foundation since 2008 and in that time has delivered high quality, cutting edge workshops to thousands of people across Australia.

In recent years Jimmy has had a regular role in Reach’s adult space, Wake, delivering programs to a variety of organisations. Jimmy is passionate about people and possesses a huge amount of drive to further understand people and why they do what they do.

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