Jo Willatts

  • Jo Willatts
    Relationships Manager

A job ad may be your one chance to connect with a perfect hire – so make your first impression count

(Speaking with Olivia Passmore)

In an increasingly competitive employment market, your job ads are a key marketing tool to capture the attention of the very best candidates. However, all too many job ads fail to cut through the noise and help their organisations stand out from the crowd.

In this session Olivia and Jo will draw on years of recruiting experience to provide practical tips to craft compelling job ads that are human, purpose-focused and targeted to reach your ideal candidates, including:

  • Why it’s worth taking the time to create a job ad that works
  • How to identify your job ad’s audience
  • How to define your organisation’s purpose, and why it matters
  • The simple formula to write a job ad that connects with your perfect hire.


About Jo

Jo is social worker originally from Scotland who now calls Melbourne home. Jo has a history of work in Recruitment, Business Development, Project Management, HR Consulting, Coaching, Executive Search, Graduate Recruitment within the Human Services, Not for Profit, Local and State Government sectors. Jo loves being part of an organisation that helps purpose driven job seekers and employers find each other. Outside of work Jo takes an active interest in women’s rights and social justice. She has a passion for live music and travel, and loves animals but her favourites are her cat and 2 dogs.

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