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  • Kristyn Haywood
    Founding Director

    People for Success

Workshop: Design Thinking for HR Leaders

HR is changing. The most valuable HR function has become one can improve the employee experience so talented people work at their most productive, and one essential tool HR can use for this is “design thinking”.

Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions for clients. Rather than problem-focused, a “design mindset” is solution-focused, based in the experience of service users, and oriented towards action. 

This 2-hour session will equip HR Leaders to:

• Shift your mindset away from designing top-down, centrally distributed HR programs, to designing all HR programs with the employee at the centre.

• Create and communicate end-user driven solutions to HR problems or opportunities such as employee engagement, organisational design and attracting talent.

• Adopt the ‘Design Thinking Mindset’ with 8 mindset tools.

• Map the employment lifecycle from the employee’s point of view to improve all employee experiences.

• Reduce risk and accelerate learning through rapid testing and feedback loops.

• Find and reframe problems in a way that enables HR to develop a culture of innovation.

About Kristyn

Kristyn is an experienced and passionate business consultant, leadership educator, executive coach, and facilitator. She works in partnership with businesses who want to develop strong leaders capable of building agile, human-centred and customer-centric workplace leaders and cultures.

She has coached many C-Suite executives with their leadership transformations and educated over a thousand leaders, across 4 continents including Executives from the ASX 200.

Kristyn’s philosophy is that all people are uniquely gifted, there is no pecking order of gifts and our flaws will lead us to our gifts and vice versa. Organisations simply must understand their employees from a deeply human perspective if they want to use that valuable life energy to create successful businesses. She passionately believes that everyone can make an important contribution to the workplace especially if there is an environment where learning prevails shaming.

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