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    Mark Puncher

    Employer Branding Australia

Workshop: Employer Branding and People Engagement for NFPs – 3 real journeys, 300 real stories

(Speaking with Fiona Millar & Ariana Tutini)

Employer branding – it’s easy to talk about it but who’s doing it well and winning? In this lively, “warts and all” session, two NFP people leaders and an employer branding (EB) specialist will show you their EB journey, from EVP to a culture of employee storytelling. They’ll share what worked, what didn’t and what they leaned along the way. Through blood, sweat and (happy) tears, these leaders have driven real cultural change which has benefited the communities they serve. They can’t wait to show you how you can do the same, including:

• Where you should focus your energy for best outcomes 

• How to sell employer branding internally

• How to involve your people and drive active employee advocacy of your brand – the nirvana of employer branding!

About Mark

Mark Puncher is CEO and Founder of Employer Branding Australia. He has spent much of the last 17 years with one foot in talent engagement and the other in marketing.

He has run employer branding or marketing operations in the UK and Australia for recruitment and media organisations including Employment Office, Guardian Jobs, Hobsons and TES Global. Mark lives and breathes talent marketing and loves helping fantastic, imperfect organisations bring your stories to life to attract and retain your future superstars.

When Mark isn’t helping people shape their employer brands – his current hobbies include finger painting, 5am ballet and building dens. He also has strong beliefs about the importance of wine.

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