Michelle Brown

  • Michelle Brown
    Professor (Human Resource Management)

    University of Melbourne

How to effectively coach staff and deliver performance feedback that works

Giving performance feedback to an employee can be one of the most challenging tasks for a manager. In recent years, the arguably poor outcomes of performance feedback has generated a rethink about the role of the manager and the employee in the feedback process.

In this session the University of Melbourne’s Michelle Brown looks at the new set of performance feedback skills needed for a contemporary management approach. Managers are no longer an authority figure for an employee to obey, but coaches and motivators, with employees becoming active participants in a two-way feedback process.

You’ll learn how to be an effective coach, and how to provide developmental feedback to employees while retaining good, productive relationships.

About Michelle

Michelle Brown is a Professor (Human Resource Management) in the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. Michelle completed a PhD at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (US). She undertakes research into performance management and reward systems, and is co-author of Managing Employee Performance & Reward Concepts, Practices, Strategies. 

Michelle’s current research interests focus on employee reactions to performance management systems, including emotional exhaustion and cynicism. She is also doing research into the impact of secrecy on the effectiveness of performance management systems.

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