Moira Kelly AO

  • Moira Kelly AO
    International Humanitarian and NGO Founder



Leading with passion, vision and hope

In her keynote presentation, Moira Kelly AO will discuss her personal journey – from working with Mother Theresa, to helping sick and needy children in Bosnia, South Africa and Romania, through to starting the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

Her story is one of personal sacrifice, passionate commitment and a life-long dedication to doing what it takes to save and heal children and communities in need. 

“I just want to take on causes that are in the ‘too hard’ basket,” she says. “Where there is a little bit of hope, there is a tomorrow.”

About Moira

Awarded the 2018 Variety International Humanitarian Award for services to children in Australia and internationally, Moira Kelly AO is arguably best-known for bringing conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna to Australia for groundbreaking – and life-saving – surgery. Theirs is one of many stories of courage, determination and hope driven by Moira’s passion to improve the quality of life for all children.

Moira began her humanitarian work at the age of 18, where she worked with Mother Theresa in Calcutta, beginning a 14-year humanitarian journey abroad.

It was in response to meeting a horrifically injured boy and his desperate mother in Bosnia during the war that Moira began her self-funded medical evacuation of children for life-saving and life-altering operations. By 2001, Moira had already helped 120 children.

Her passion led to the establishment of the Children’s First Foundation, an organisation which enables life-changing surgery, and holistic care in Australia for disadvantaged overseas children. More than 350 children have been treated for a variety of critical conditions including open heart surgery, bowel reconstruction, plastic surgery, amputations and new prosthetic limbs since the foundation began.

Following Trishna and Krishna’s successful surgery, Moira started the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation, an organisation that provides comfort, hope, protection and safety to children and families who need it most.

“I just want to take on causes that are in the ‘too hard’ basket,” Moira says.

“Where there is a little bit of hope, there is a tomorrow. This is the next phase of my giving.”

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