Peter Allwood

  • Peter Allwood
    Chief Operating Officer


Developing an HR plan “by the people and for the people”: CanTeen’s grassroots approach

(Speaking with Claire-Louise Clements)

The culture of an organisation is determined by its people. In 2017 CanTeen took this one step further, bringing all staff on board to co-design its HR strategy, using an “appreciative inquiry” approach led by middle managers. Rather than being HR led, the plan has been overseen and implemented by representatives from across the organisation.

In this session, CanTeen’s Peter Allwood and Claire-Louise Clements will reveal how they created this whole-of-organisation approach. You’ll learn how to build shared accountability and enhance engagement through participation, as well as different approaches to developing and implementing a robust HR strategy.

About Peter

Peter Allwood is the Chief Operating Officer at CanTeen, the Australian not-for-profit organisation supporting young people impacted by cancer. Prior to this, Peter spent 19 years in the property sector with Lend Lease, including 10 years in the UK overseeing Lend Lease’s European Retail Property business.

With a lifelong passion for organisations and people, Peter studied leadership at London Business School and Columbia University during his time at Lend Lease. At CanTeen, Peter was instrumental in the development and implementation of the very successful Leadership Development Program and HR People Plan, which has transformed the organisation’s culture and capacity.

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