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    Ross Reekie

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WORKSHOP: How to re-connect your organisational mission with employee meaning and happiness.

Making a difference to the world is a powerful experience that can make work meaningful and fulfilling. So people working in not-for-profits should be the happiest, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always this case. In this fun and interactive session you’ll learn from Australia’s leading expert about the benefits of meaningful work; the surprising reasons it sometimes isn’t; and what you can do to make work meaningful.

About Ross

Ross Reekie is the Founder of Rise, a consultancy focused on meaning and happiness at work. Through consulting in workplaces across Australia, his academic research and personal experience, Ross has discovered that if meaningful work is at the centre of what we do, success follows.

According to Ross, the “happiest” places to work are also the most productive, creative, and profitable. He regularly speaks at leadership events, industry forums, and has talked on varying local and international radio shows.  

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