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    Sarah Anderson
    Founder and Director

    Visibility Co.

WORKSHOP: How to be a more visible leader in your organisation and beyond 

(Speaking with Julia May)

In purpose-driven organisations it’s critical to have leaders who can walk the talk: those who lead with their values and inspire others with a clear vision. To be visible to others, however, you must also be “visible to yourself”.

In this session, leadership and communications experts Julia May and Sarah Anderson will take you through a four-step process comprising:

  1. Why the most direct path to better, more authentic leadership is through knowing yourself first.
  2. A mindset audit to help you clarify your purpose and values as a leader, your strengths and the areas you need to lean into. 
  3. A peer coaching session with other leaders to articulate your vision for leadership. 
  4. An elevator pitch exercise to express your vision as a leader and take back and use with your team.

Julia and Sarah will share insights from their work with leaders from around the world and their personal experiences as visible leaders of a global movement – Homeward Bound: a leadership phenomenon that has gone global.


About Sarah

Sarah is an award-winning strategist and global engagement expert with deep experience across corporate, non-profit and government sectors in Australia and internationally.

Sarah thrives on being at the forefront of change. She is driven by partnering with leaders, change agents and purpose-led organisations to facilitate strategic thinking that leads to collaborative leadership, personal and business growth, visibility and connection.

Sarah is also a communications; marketing; and social and digital media strategist, having spent more than 15 years in strategic and coaching capacities with a diversity of leaders and multinational companies including ANZ Bank in Australia and CBRE in London.

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