Sarah Lance

  • Sarah Lance

    St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)

Leading Cultural Change: Learnings from St. John’s Ambulance Australia (NSW)

Shaping organisational culture is a difficult process. How do leaders assess and govern culture. And even more challenging, how do they transform culture? 

Over the past few years St John Ambulance (NSW) has seen the title of many “Human Resources” managers shift to a focus on “People & Culture”. But how exactly do leaders and HR managers influence and direct culture change? 

In this session, Sarah Lance, CEO of St John Ambulance NSW shares how St John transformed their organisational culture to improve employee and volunteer engagement through a period of uncertainty and change.

About Sarah

Sarah is a CEO and independent Non-Executive Director. Her past experience spans entrepreneurial-start up companies to membership, corporate and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, the USA and New Zealand.

In her current role as CEO of St John Ambulance NSW, Sarah leads a dedicated team of 200 employees and an extraordinary group of 3,500 volunteers across NSW. Within the organisation, she’s focused on:

  1. Engaging with partners and the local community to create opportunities
  2. Enabling St John by developing a shared vision and values
  3. Re-imagining the current business lines through the eyes of her customers
  4. Future-proofing the organisation and ensuring St John remains relevant.


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