Shereena-Lee van de Berkt

  • Shereena-Lee van de Berkt
    Head of Domestic HR

    Medecins Sans Frontieres

Leadership is not a dirty word!

Explore MSF Australia’s recent the leadership journey at the organisational and senior team levels, and learn how how to develop leadership at every level of your organisation. 

This session will cover 

• How the organisation commenced their process of change;

• The challenge of getting people to accept they are leaders (including addressing underlying belief systems and leaders’ anxieties about power); and 

• The more formalised approach used across the organisation to develop culture and identity in a way which promotes leadership qualities and opportunities at all levels, and ensures leadership qualities are sought when recruiting.

About Shereena-Lee

Shereena-Lee has been working formally in the not-for-profit HR arena at an executive level for 5 years.

Prior to this she spent 20 years in various “informal” HR Roles in the film industry, managing teams of between 5 – 150 people.

Shereena-Lee has a post-graduate diploma in Advanced HR Management, with a personal focus on leadership, and the belief that the potential to show leadership exists at any level of an organisation, and that this should be welcomed, supported and encouraged.

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