Trent Innes

  • Trent Innes
    Managing Director, Xero Australia



Attitude matters: Hiring lessons from one of Australia’s top tech companies

Xero is one of Australia and New Zealand’s fastest growing and most successful software companies. Xero has experienced rapid growth with employee numbers and revenue jumping tenfold in just four years.

When Xero Managing Director Trent Innes joined the Australian team it was 30-people strong and he now leads more than 400 people. Passionate about growing great teams, Trent believes it’s crucial to have passionate employees with great attitudes to maintain rapid growth.

Even in the top job, Trent still prioritises meeting new potential hires before they come onboard to ensure they are the right fit for Xero. What is he looking for? He says first and foremost people who are values-driven – “Purpose plus values produces success.”

Trent will share his advice on the three practical attributes he looks for in each job candidate to find that values driven cultural fit: Attitude, skills and knowledge. Trent says he believes attitude trumps skills and knowledge every time.

Sharing experiences of hires he’s made at Xero, Trent says that though there are roles that require a minimum skill level, he often opts for a candidate with lesser skills and a positive, can-do attitude.

About Trent

Trent is the Managing Director of Xero Australia, the leading cloud-based accounting platform for small business. Guided by a strong people-focus, he has developed and grown Xero’s teams to better help small businesses thrive.

With more than 20 years experience managing major businesses across the accounting and IT industries, he now centres his expertise on high-performing cultures that accelerate growth.

Trent has been recognised as Australian HR Champion (CEO) of the Year at the 2017 HR Awards and 2017 Managing Director of the Year by CEO Magazine.

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