Viviana Rosas

  • Viviana Rosas
    Manager of Marketing

    Merri Health

Co-design your values: Principles and tools to drive culture change

(Speaking with Amie Reed)

What is “co-design” and why choose it as a method to develop organisational values?

Join Merri Health’s Amie Reed and Viviana Rosas as they take you on a journey of implementing best practice co-design principles in the development of organisational values.

You’ll learn the principles of co-design, why co-design is an effective tool, the benefits of collaboration between HR and marketing, and practical tips for applying co-design to your own organisation.

About Viviana

Viviana Rosas leads Merri Health’s marketing team, providing strategic marketing direction and innovative approaches to community health. Viviana values creative thinking with a focus on challenging the status quo.

Between them, Viviana and Amie have 19 years’ experience in the private and not-for-profit sector. They have worked closely, fusing the knowledge of human resources with innovative communications practices to develop a new way of embedding change.

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