Yumi Stamet

  • Yumi Stamet
    Workforce Adviser

    National Disability Services

Power to your people: Empowering staff to more effectively achieve your purpose

Since 2015, National Disability Services (NDS) has supported dozens of disability service providers across Australia to explore, adapt and test innovative models of people management in their own organisations.

In this session, NDS Workforce Adviser Yumi Stamet will share case studies, lessons and results gathered from top performing human services organisations around the world. You’ll leave with practical examples of how your organisation can empower your staff, as well as lessons on how Australian NFPs are successfully moving from a hierarchical management model to one of supportive leadership and distributed authority – ultimately leading to better services, better jobs and better results.

About Yumi

Yumi Stamet is the Workforce Adviser at National Disability Services (NDS). Since 2015, she has been recognised as an expert on innovative workforce models, including self-directed teams that make organisations better service providers, better employers and more viable.

Yumi supports disability service providers across Australia in considering, developing, testing and implementing innovative workforce models in their own organisations. In sharing her experience from real Australian case studies, she aims to inspire organisations to value, trust and use the knowledge, experience and talent of their people by enabling them to self-direct their work, and build their capacity and that of their team.

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