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Tribal Habits is an easy to use Australian learning platform for Not-For-Profit organisations of any size.

We include ready to roll out Australian & NZ compliance and induction training, easy administration, low-cost pricing based on actual usage plus a 20% NFP discount.   Our platform allows you to create your own engaging content with 50+ templated learning interactions. Or you can use our included editable library to customise training on how your organisation does things—no more boring generic courses for your team & volunteers! No bottlenecks to make updates either.

Access training 24/7 from any location on any device to stay compliant and engaged. Training can include on-the-job tasks, collaborative and social learning options, discussion forums, tips from your internal experts, automated and manually graded assessments and more.

Our user-friendly training creation tools are wrapped in a data-rich learning management system. Our clients love the breadth of data collected, enabling them to continuously improve training, survey learners, identify training needs and support on-the-job training.   We know NFPs want to focus resources on their supports and community, and not on training admin! So as a truly integrated learning platform, you can also easily automate processes to save time and reduce your admin effort. Our award -winning support helps clients get the most out of their training programs.

We love partnering with not-for-profits and are passionate about helping your training team and budget stretch further without compromising on quality!