Amber Tratter

  • Amber Tratter
    Strategic Development Manager

    Australian Network on Disability

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About Amber

With a desire to do social good and a passion for equity, Amber joined Australian Network on Disability 5 years ago to use her consulting skills to drive and empower organisations to make a difference. With her project management skills, Amber designs national pioneering projects and theories of change to create lasting and sustainable impact in the not-for-profit sector.

Amber enjoys deep analysis to understand a market and environment her past work has focused on inclusion strategies, policy and system development, behavioural change and workshop training and facilitation. Amber has extensive experience advising C-Suite decision makers on change management strategies to improve access and inclusion of the business, increase market share and generate revenue growth. Amber holds a BComm in Management and Marketing and DipLang in Indonesian from the University of Melbourne.

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