Peter Mousaferiadis

  • Peter Mousaferiadis
    CEO and Founder

    Cultural Infusion

Workshop: A data-driven approach to boosting diversity, equity and inclusion in the NFP sector.

Since the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in the US state of Minnesota kicked off a global protest movement in over 60 countries under the banner of ‘Black Lives Matter’, Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has been placed in the spotlight in many workplaces.

More and more organisations are being asked to report on their DEI strategies. Data-centricity and data-equity have become a part of people strategy, yet most organisations lack the support to do this work effectively.

Peter Mousaferiadis argues that “Diversity is about counting people… Inclusion is about insisting everyone counts”. This practical workshop will examine:

  • The value of measurement through inclusive data sets
  • The importance of inclusive datasets that ensure that everyone is counted and differences are valued through an interactive and live demonstration.
  • How a data driven approach to diversity can benefit the NFP sector, including how DEI strategies can be used for hiring in the NFP sector – where it is so crucial to be representative of the wider community served.

About Peter

Peter Mousaferiadis has had an extensive career in the arts as a music director, creative producer and is recognized globally as a champion of culture and diversity as a driver of sustainability, opportunity, peace and innovation. As the CEO and Founder of cross-cultural education provider Cultural Infusion, Peter has developed award winning digital platforms including Diversity Atlas, a data-driven tool for measuring and understanding cultural diversity in organisations.

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