Tara Hunter

  • Tara Hunter
    Director Clinical & Client Services

    Full Stop Australia

Practitioner wellbeing: Addressing the impacts of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout

Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout present significant work, health and safety risks for workforces exposed directly and indirectly to traumatic content. The impacts are both individual and on workplaces, with outcomes such as poor mental health, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism and high staff turnover.

Full Stop Australia has extensive experience working across health, welfare, government, sporting and corporate organisations to the develop, implement and review bespoke workplace wellbeing programs which include training, policy development and clinical supervision and debriefing. This session will provide an interactive forum to explore best practice solutions to mitigate risks associated with vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout, including:

  • Understanding vicarious trauma, burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Understanding your obligations in the context of work, health and safety legislation
  • Evidence based strategies to mitigate risk in relation psychological injuries
  • Tips for building a workplace well-being program.

About Tara

Tara Hunter is the Director of Clinical and Client Services at Full Stop Australia (formerly Rape and Domestic Violence Services). Tara has Masters level qualifications in Social Work, with additional qualifications in Workplace Training and Assessment and Family Dispute Resolution.

With over 20 years experience working in the NFP and health sectors as a Service Manager, Clinical Leader and Trainer, Tara has deep expertise in leading service and clinical responses to gender-based violence with a focus on client-centred care and creating service systems that support clients and workers who deliver their care.

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