Nick Hudson

  • Nick Hudson

    The Push For Better Foundation

Creating meaningful work by giving teams the freedom to be themselves

How can leaders and managers in the NFP sector foster a fun, flexible and playful environment, so when things get busy and intense, teams will be more inclined to give their all to their work and create stellar results in the process?

The Push For Better Foundation, runs The Push-Up Challenge and has raised over $20M for mental health charities to-date. In this session Nick Hudson, their founder and Chief of Push-Ups, will explore:

  • How a playful approach to workplace culture can open the doors to more meaningful work
  • How flexible work options, and freedom to work on your own terms contributes to happier teams
  • How allowing staff to be themselves will open an organisation up to creativity unlike any other

About Nick

Nick Hudson is the CEO and founder of Australia’s largest mental health and fitness event, The Push-Up Challenge. Since its inception six years ago, Nick has led the event to engage over 250,000 participants and raise over $20 million for mental health in Australia.

Through The Push-Up Challenge, Nick has created a fun and unique way to engage people across Australia in mental health through ‘health by stealth’. The event offers groups from workplaces and schools to gyms and clubs the opportunity to promote connection, exercise, break down stigma , normalise difficult conversations and encourage those who need it to seek help early.

Nick’s passion for fun in the workplace has been key to The Push-Up Challenge’s success. He believes in play, fun, and allowing people to be themselves and bring their full personality to work leads to job satisfaction in a not-for-profit setting – in turn lending itself to more meaningful work.

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