Jill Rowe

  • Jill Rowe
    Head of People, Culture and Workforce Development

    Interrelate Limited

Lessons learned in strengthening trust to effect change: A case study

Interrelate Limited was awarded two Voice Project Awards in 2022 for employee engagement and change. In November 2021, Interrelate achieved 93% employee engagement – its highest score of the previous 5 surveys, spanning 7 years. How was this achieved?

Previously, management had consulted, listened and empowered but this seemingly textbook approach was not working and the divide between management and staff was evident. A new values-driven, people-centric and client-focused approach that prioritised building trust, won hearts and changed minds, with positive effect on its culture and client deliverables. This case study shares the lessons learned.

About Jill

Jill Rowe has held senior HR, L&D & OD roles for over 30 years, including 7 years in the NFP sector. Having experienced economic booms and recessions, Jill has supported organisations to successfully implement change whilst increasing employee engagement. She joined Interrelate as the Head of People, Culture and Workforce Development in January 2020.
By March, offices were closed due to COVID-19 and staff were working from home. Interrelate pivoted quickly from face-to-face services to online and now offer both. Despite the challenges, the November 2021 Culture Survey reflected the highest employee engagement score in over 7 years.

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