Nareen Young

  • Nareen Young
    Industry Professor

    Jumbunna Institute of Indigenous Education and Research

How NFP employers can include First Nations Australians

NFP leaders and organisations have long made assumptions that because they are NFPs, they are diversity-friendly. This is simply not the case, and leadership and demographics statistics don’t lie.

Nareen Young will talk about how to identify what the issues may be that prevent your organisation from attracting, retaining and crucially, promoting indigenous and diverse people, as well as 10 things you can do to start turning this around.

About Nareen

Professor Nareen Young is Associate Dean, Indigenous Engagement and Leadership, UTS Business School. She was previously Professor at UTS Jumbunna Institute of Indigenous Education and Research and established the Indigenous People and Work Research and Practice Hub.

Nareen is one of Australia’s leading and most respected workplace diversity practitioners and thinkers. Jumbunna’s highly innovative Indigenous People and Work Research and Practice Hub is only one of its kind internationally and focuses on robust research and analysis, policy, practice, and law reform around the workplace experiences of Indigenous people. And the development of Indigenous-lead research and policy. It collaborates extensively with other organisations in the employment diversity sector, and other UTS faculties, and works with private and public sector organisations. The Hub convenes the First Nations Employment Alliance.

Nareen sits on the Indigenous Advisory group of National Australia Bank and the Aboriginal Advisory group of Insurance Australia Group. Influenced by her Indigenous and culturally diverse heritages, Nareen has made a major contribution to awareness and understanding of employment diversity in Australian business and workplaces and in the wider community.

Prior to her work in diversity employment, Nareen was a trade union official and sat on the executives of both the ACTU and Unions NSW representing women’s employment interests during this time.

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