Sally Aurisch

  • Sally Aurisch

    Blind Citizens Australia

An NFP’s successful journey to 100% remote working

Blind Citizens Australia – with a workforce of over 20 staff – successfully transitioned to a 100% remote workforce over 5 years ago – an early leader in this trend, way before the pandemic. This case study will explore how they did it, including:

  • How to ensure the wellbeing of all staff in a remote working environment
  • How to ensure that all staff remain connected to their team, colleagues, and management
  • The importance of using the right tools/technology to manage a remote workforce
  • How to effectively lead and manage remote employees, including team building activities with a remote workforce
  • How to make changes with empathy, and how your staff can still learn from experienced remote managers.

About Sally

Sally Aurisch (she/her) is a not-for-profit, community and disability sector leader with more than 15 years’ experience in policy development, program design and delivery, community engagement, and advocacy.

A vision impaired leader herself, Sally is passionate about access and inclusion, and regularly writes or presents on the topics of disability leadership, accessible education and employment, as well as disability, sex, and gender.

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