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Three things you urgently need to do to ensure your employee data is safe from cybercriminals

Keep your employee data safe from cyber criminals

Last month cybercriminals stole “highly sensitive documents like police checks, child support documents, pay negotiations, HR incidents, immigration sponsorship details, COVID vaccination credentials, tax file numbers, passports and licences” from employees of Pareto Phone, a supplier to many of Australia’s largest and most well-known NFPs.

With data breaches and cyberattacks on the rise, are you one of those employers who also doesn’t have appropriate systems to protect your employee information?

If so, we’re glad to be able to outline the key things that you should be doing today to protect your employee and volunteer data from cyber threats.

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Are you using the best tools to recruit? Five ways an Applicant Management System would benefit your NFP

Finding great staff and volunteers might be the most impactful activity your organisation does – because it multiplies the impact of all your other work. But recruiting can be incredibly time consuming – especially when you’re not using the right tools.

Here are five ways an AMS could make your life easier, and improve the recruitment process at your NFP.

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Three Ways to Get More Value from Your Recruitment Processes

Traditional, manual hiring approaches – the status quo – are causing delays and pitfalls that add risk and inefficiency to the recruiting process. For an industry reliant on the integrity of its people and bound by the restrictions of a limited budget, risk and inefficiency are two things NFP HR professionals cannot afford to ignore.

There are a number of ways recruitment can be improved in order to deliver greater value to both the recruiting team and your overall organisation. Here are three key steps.

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10 of the top candidate assessment tools – and how to choose the best one for your NFP

You’re undoubtably making good use of interviews in your organisation. But how about pre-employment tests?

In the age of “Big Data”, there are new tools emerging every day that use data collected from thousands – or millions – of people to show you how your potential hire compares across a variety of evaluation areas and metrics.

Given that different tools provide immense value in different areas and for different organisations, how do you choose between them?

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How Save the Children saved 1,400 hours and $54,000 switching to automated HR processes

– Sponsored Content – This is a guest post by Michael Lloyd of SilkRoad. Since its foundation almost 100 years ago, Save the Children Australia has raised millions of dollars through its network of offices in Asia Pacific. The organisation employs more than 800 staff, including a handful of representatives globally and throughout the region. […]

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