Why you should (almost) always disclose salary range in your NFP’s job ads

When recruiting for your NFP, developing a great job ad is critical to attracting the best candidates for almost any role. But have you ever considered how the presence of a salary range – or lack thereof – could be affecting your applicants? According to one estimate, just 19 percent of Australian employers disclose salary in their job advertisements – and yet jobs that do disclose a salary range are more likely to be clicked on. Here’s what you need to consider.

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How much should you be paying your fundraisers?

Does your organisation employ fundraisers? A fundraiser or fundraising team are probably some of the most important staff in your organisation, potentially responsible for a large chunk of your revenue. But with headlines like ‘Charities’ fund-raising costs swallow millions in donations’, how much to pay your fundraisers can be a controversial question.

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