Five essential steps to boosting volunteer retention – part one

Photo: Flickr.com/dfaustralianaid Holding on to volunteers in any organisation, especially one without a dedicated volunteer manager, can be really hard work. In fact, there’s a chance that the person charged with looking after volunteers in your organisation may be a volunteer themselves! With so many competing priorities and distractions in people’s lives, if you want […]

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Board members: Five essential elements for onboarding a new leader for your organisation

As a member of a not-for-profit organisation’s board, your most important responsibility is to make sure your CEO has the support and tools they need to make sure your NFP thrives.

Despite this, a recent survey of over 200 not-for-profit CEOs in the US found that 46 per cent reported they received little to no help from their boards or committees when they began their jobs.

That’s almost half of all surveyed NFP CEOs saying that they didn’t get a proper onboarding when they started their jobs!

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