People Analytics

How data can help you to improve your employee experience

HR data can help inform employee experience

– Sponsored Content – Digital transformation is on the minds of executives at all types of for-profit organizations, and NFPs are faced with the same critical decision on how to evolve from manual processes to a completely digital organization across all functions, including HR task like explaining the definition of a pay stub. Technological advancements […]

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A free course on People Analytics for purpose-driven organisations, from the experts at Google

Does your organisation sometimes base HR decisions on emotions, instincts or politics rather than data?

Every day, reams of data are created by your organisation that could help you make better people decisions. Decisions like: Who to hire? Who to promote? How to manage great staff or struggling staff? How to build high-performing teams?

But how do you turn all that data you’ve got – whether through CVs, staff surveys, or staff pay and performance data – into actionable insights? Here’s how.

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