Performance Reviews

How to conduct an effective performance review remotely

For most in the NFP sector, 2020 has brought new experiences of working remotely. That means all sorts of processes will need to be adapted for those staff who work remotely – including performance reviews.

So what does an effective performance review look like, done remotely in the middle of a pandemic?

Here are some essential elements to consider as you plan performance reviews for your staff working remotely.

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Doing away with the annual performance review? More feedback isn’t necessarily better

For many employees the end of the year signals performance review time. The dreaded time of the year when they sit down with their supervisor and receive feedback on their performance over the previous 12 months. In Australia and the US, organisations are reconsidering this traditional approach to managing employee performance. Managers are worried the […]

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Six reasons annual performance reviews don’t work

Would it surprise you to learn that just eight percent of organisations consider annual performance reviews valuable? And that a further 45 percent of HR leaders think performance reviews are inaccurate in appraising an employee’s work? Employers and staff alike have long reviled performance reviews – and not much has changed in the 1,700-odd years since their inception.

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Six ways to make your performance management processes really work

According to the latest Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey, there’s one area in which organisations are failing significantly – and their leaders know it: Performance management. Of the 3,300 business and HR leaders surveyed, incredibly just 10 percent believed that their performance management processes were a good use of time.

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