What is your brand saying to prospective employees?

In 2004 in Houston, Texas, neuroscientist Read Montague and his colleagues at Baylor College of Medicine did an experiment.

Taking a group of about 70 volunteers, Montague first gave them two unlabeled cups, one containing Coke, the other containing Pepsi. When questioned, almost all of the group said they preferred the Pepsi.

Montague then gave the same group two cans, each clearly labelled “Coke” and “Pepsi”. In what has become known as the “Pepsi Paradox”, the majority of the group now responded that they strongly preferred the “Coke” – even though both cans actually contained Pepsi!

So how does this relate to your NFP’s employer brand?

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Seven simple steps to a really effective job ad

Are you a not-for-profit or social enterprise that’s been puzzled by an average response to a job ad? Since 2009, has advertised thousands of jobs for ethical employers around the country, so we’ve seen a lot of good ads, and a lot of bad ads (no naming names though!) Having looked at so many […]

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Nine essential steps for creating a great position description

Recruiting great staff or volunteers can be a long process, but it almost always starts with creating a position description. For not-for-profit organisations, a position description (PD) is especially important for attracting candidates, since it’s the place to start communicating the unique benefits of working for a NFP – social or environmental impact, flexible work […]

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