One great way to reduce staff absenteeism by up to 80 percent

Encouraging your employees to cycle to work has huge benefits to both employees and organisations. In fact, as well as increasing employee mental and physical health and wellbeing, workplaces that support bike-riding employees can reduce absenteeism by up to 80%! Despite this, two thirds of Australians still rely on cars to travel to work every day. With Ride2Work […]

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Four ways to recruit more women for the top jobs at your NFP

How many women are in the top roles in your organisation or on your board of management? A 2012 report from Women on Boards found that while up to 85% of community sector workers are female, there only about 60% in senior paid positions. From a volunteer perspective, despite volunteers in Australia having traditionally been mostly […]

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6 interview tips to find that perfect staff member

Last month department store Myer made the news for all the wrong reasons, after they hired Andrew Flanagan as Group General Manager of Strategy and Business Development. Mr Flanagan had applied for the job citing a great work history including being a managing director and vice-president with Zara, one of Myer’s rivals. Just one day into his […]

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How Google is changing the way people are recruited – and what NFPs can learn to do differently too

Nobody can dispute that Google is innovative. So when the technology giant turns its considerable data-analysis powers to the issue of recruitment, it’s worth taking some notice. Google hires about 5,000 new staff and receives over 1-million resumes each year, so they’ve been crunching data from tens of thousands of interviews to try to work […]

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How do successful not-for-profits develop future leaders? Part 4: Recruiting for your leadership gaps

Great leadership is central to all successful not-for-profit organisations. In this five-part series, we look at strategies to recognise and realise the leadership potential within a not-for-profit. Follow the links to part 1, part 2, and part 3. Part 4 looks at what to do when you need to find new talent to fill your […]

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What is your brand saying to prospective employees?

In 2004 in Houston, Texas, neuroscientist Read Montague and his colleagues at Baylor College of Medicine did an experiment.

Taking a group of about 70 volunteers, Montague first gave them two unlabeled cups, one containing Coke, the other containing Pepsi. When questioned, almost all of the group said they preferred the Pepsi.

Montague then gave the same group two cans, each clearly labelled “Coke” and “Pepsi”. In what has become known as the “Pepsi Paradox”, the majority of the group now responded that they strongly preferred the “Coke” – even though both cans actually contained Pepsi!

So how does this relate to your NFP’s employer brand?

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