Giving Feedback

NFP managers: Do you struggle to have difficult conversations? These three things can change that

Having a difficult conversation in the workplace can be, well, difficult. Giving criticism is hard – and so is receiving it. As a result, the conversations that need to be had the most often go unspoken, leaving problems and grievances unaddressed and ultimately causing issues like reduced productivity and low morale.

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Six effective ways to have that difficult conversation at work

Employees want more feedback. Gen Y employees in particular, want constant feedback. Managers however are often reluctant to give feedback if they fear that what starts as a rational conversation may degenerate into an emotional one.

In this guest post, Grace McCarthy provides some simple guidelines to help managers to achieve positive outcomes from these difficult conversations.

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Walking the talk: How walking meetings can make your staff fitter, happier and more productive

The Young and Well CRC is an international research centre, based in Melbourne, that focuses on the role technologies can play in improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Young and Well CRC is also a leader in workplace health and wellbeing.

In 2014, they publicly released their innovative and comprehensive wellbeing policy, with the aim of supporting other organisations to prioritise wellbeing in the workplace.

In this guest post, Rose O’Sullivan, Young and Well’s HR Advisor and Operations Support, shares why they love one particular initiative from their wellbeing policy – the walking meeting – and why you should bring walking meetings into your organisation too.

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Look, Listen, Act: Communication skills for great leaders

Two truisms about leadership:  First, leadership is not management and management is not leadership.  Second, while not all leaders are managers, all managers should be leaders. If you’re expecting your broader staff group to demonstrate leadership in their roles then those with greater authority and position absolutely have to do so first. How do leaders […]

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