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How should a leader manage change? Oxfam Australia’s CEO Dr Helen Szoke shares her insights

Oxfam's Helen Szoke leading organisations through change

In the lead-up to her keynote address at the 2016 Not-For-Profit People Conference in November, we spoke to Oxfam’s Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke about leading teams through transformative change – the highs, the lows, and what you can learn from one of Australia’s leading international aid and development NGOs to apply to your organisation’s change processes.

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What to tell your boss: Your case for attending the 2016 Not-For-Profit People Conference

NFP People Conference 2016 convince your boss

Want to learn how some of Australia’s most successful NFP organisations attract, manage, train and retain the best staff and volunteers? Then you can’t afford to miss the 2016 Not-For-Profit People Conference on 21-22 November! But if you still need to convince them to give you the budget and time to attend, send them these compelling reasons why the conference is a must-attend event.

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One more simple, free thing you can do to boost staff engagement and make your team healthier, happier and more productive: eat together


Almost half of all Australians work through their lunch break. And more than a quarter of us – 3.8 million Australians – don’t take a lunch break at all, according to the Australia Institute. But while it might outwardly appear that your lunch-break-skipping staff are admirably committed to their work – and that’s good for your team and your organisation – the real impact is more insidious.

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