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Four key things we learned at the 2023 Not-For-Profit People Conference

Five key takeaways from the 2023 NFP People Conference

After a three year hiatus, the Not-For-Profit People Conference was back with a bang last week. With two days full of inspirational speakers, the plenary hall was packed with excited attendees, ready to network, ask questions and find answers to some of their most pressing people challenges.

With more than 20 speakers and presenters, here are four things the team learned.

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How to address vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout in your workplace

how to address vicarious trauma compassion fatigue and burnout in your workplace

Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout present significant risks for workers exposed directly and indirectly to traumatic content. The impacts can be both on individuals and on entire  workplaces with outcomes such as poor mental health, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism and high staff turnover.

Tara Hunter is the Director of Clinical and Client Services at Full Stop Australia. In the lead-up to her presentation at the 2023 Not-For-Profit People Conference, Tara spoke with us about how to address vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout in NFP workplaces.

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“Clarity, optimism, tenacity and persistence” – Leadership lessons from Lin Hatfield Dodds, CEO of The Benevolent Society

Lin Hatfield Dodds has spent her working life focused on people and communities who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, most recently leading over 1,500 staff as CEO of The Benevolent Society, Australia’s oldest charitable organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of vulnerable groups in society. In the lead-up to her keynote presentation at the 2023 Not-For-Profit People Conference, Lin spoke with us about her leadership journey and how she faces and overcomes challenges as the CEO of Australia’s oldest charity.

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Our top ten posts of 2021

2021 has been another rollercoaster year for NFPs trying to navigate lockdowns, work-from-home, remote recruitment, vaccine mandates and the many other challenges a second year of COVID-19 brought us.

We hope that despite all of that you still had a good year and that the ideas we’ve brought you through the Not-For-Profit People Blog have made a positive impact for you and your organisation’s staff and volunteers.

As you look back on 2021, here are the ten posts you enjoyed the most.

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Here’s how to retain your employees during the ‘Great Resignation’

One way organisations can avoid today’s so-called “Great Resignation” is to invest in building brands that are as compelling internally as they are externally. When leaders partner with marketing and human resources to explicitly align individual roles with an organisation’s inspiring brand purpose, organisations can transform an exodus of employees into an influx of talent.

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Leave policies that could make your NFP stand out from the crowd

Attracting and keeping top talent can be a challenge for not-for-profit organisations that can’t pay “the big bucks”. But often money isn’t the main benefit people are looking for. 

Savvy NFPs can differentiate themselves and stand out as an employer of choice with better, more progressive leave policies that can help to support your team members at the challenging or important times in their lives.

Here are 12 different types of leave your organisation could consider offering.

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