Legal Issues

Six things you just can’t discuss when assessing candidates for your next job

Up until 1975, employers could take almost anything into consideration when recruiting staff. But the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act – passed by the Whitlam Government – started a legislative trend towards protecting a variety of people from employment discrimination. And that means there are now some things you just can’t discuss when you’re making a decision about who to hire.

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Staff with kids? This new website is here to help.

“Higher absenteeism, lower productivity, higher staff turnover… as well as reputational damage”. They’re just a few of the issues arising from an alarming amount of workplace discrimination uncovered by the Australian Human Rights Commission related to pregnancy, parental leave or returning to work from leave. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic new website to address these very issues.

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Work health and safety for volunteers – how to keep your organisation and volunteers safe

– Sponsored Content –  As a not-for-profit organisation, it’s good practice to conduct a work health and safety (WHS) audit on a regular basis to ensure your organisation is meeting its duty of care to all your workers, and this includes volunteers. It’s important to apply a systematic approach to managing your WHS obligations for […]

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