Does anyone in your organisation work with children? Here’s five steps to improve your recruitment practices

Everyone cares about the safety of kids. But making your organisation safe for children starts long before you bring on new staff or volunteers. From advertising and conducting interviews to performing background and reference checks, the safety of the children starts with your organisation’s core recruitment practices.

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Why you should hire people with emotional intelligence – and five tips on how to do it

Research shows that people who understand and manage their own and others’ emotions make better leaders. While that may sound obvious, in fact many managers lack such basic self-awareness and social skills.

Want to build a team – or a whole organisation – of staff who possess those fundamental qualities? Here are five tips to help you hire for emotional intelligence.

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The case for a more challenging job interview process at your NFP

Would it surprise you to learn that making your job interview process more challenging for candidates could improve your staff’s long-term satisfaction? Just a ten percent increase in job interview difficulty could boost your workforce’s collective job satisfaction by up to 3.6 percent – is it time your organisation took a different tack in its interviewing strategy?

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The 3 best predictors of staff performance

In recruitment, the easiest thing to do is the same thing you’ve always done. But it’s always worth double-checking your selection process to consider what you could be doing better.

In this post, we look at extensive research which provides some excellent, and at times surprising, insights into what the most effective selection tools and recruitment processes are.

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Five (more) interview tips to find that perfect staff member

Do you find interviewing overly stressful? Maybe you’re doing it wrong! Last year we explored some of the most important tips for getting your interview right, including a well-prepared panel of interviewers, an emphasis on listening, and lots of note taking. With interviews being a crucial tool for recruitment, you can always find ways to […]

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Five simple ways to conduct a better exit interview

The idea of opening yourself, and your organisation, up to criticism can be a bitter pill to swallow. But, as a human resources professional, or if you’re managing paid employees or volunteers, welcoming criticism can be a great way to improve management and organisational processes, and as a result reduce your staff turnover.

So if your organisation has been neglecting to do exit interviews – or if you’d just like to improve the way you do them – here’s six ways to help do them well:

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