Alecia Rathbone

  • Alecia Rathbone
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)

About Alecia

Alecia Rathbone joined the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) in 2012, and has held a number of executive roles there prior to becoming Deputy CEO. Responsible for leading the organisation to effectively deliver its strategic priorities, Alecia has been instrumental in developing a strong culture, boosting collaboration and building staff skills and capabilities.

Prior to her role at FYA, Alecia was the Chief Operating Officer at Girls Guides Victoria. She is currently a non-executive director and co-chair of the Board of Directors of YWCA Victoria, and a member of the CPA Australia Public Sector and Not for Profit Committee.


About the session 

The new work mindset: What the rapidly-changing work landscape means for the not-for-profit workforce

The world of work is in transition to a more global, technology driven, and “flexible” economy in which new professions are being created and traditional jobs are being transformed or swallowed whole by automation. At the same time, Young Australians are increasingly seeking out purpose over financial gain when it comes to employment, with over 88% of people under 25 increasingly searching for job opportunities with a social focus.

So how should NFPs respond to these trends?

In this presentation, Alicia will outline the changing landscape of work, and how this is impacting young Australians and the NFP workforce more broadly. You’ll leave with a clearer view of the future of work, and with a path to reshape your organisation’s hiring practices and team cultures to recognise the passion, skills and capabilities that young Australians have to offer.

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