Alex McLean

  • Alex McLean
    Chief of Staff


About Alex

Alex McLean is the Chief of Staff at Oaktree. In her time at Oaktree she has overseen the development of a completely new recruitment process and strategy and co-created Oaktree’s first Diversity Plan. This included creating a diversity training module that focuses on understanding diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. Prior to her current position, Alex held events and communications roles at Oaktree. She has also consulted on youth recruitment with AVI for an AVID youth assignment to Fiji.


About the session 

How to recruit and engage diverse young staff and volunteers

Oaktree is one of Australia’s largest youth-run organisations – an anti-poverty movement run entirely by people aged 26 and under. Apart from a few paid roles, the organisation operates on 200 young people that volunteer 1-4 days a week.

So how do they recruit and engage a motivated and diverse workforce of young volunteers?

Join Oaktree’s Alex McLean as she shares the story of Oaktree’s journey in developing its first Diversity Plan and Strategy to ensure that promoting diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of all their work.

She’ll discuss the changes they have made to their recruitment process which have significantly increased job application numbers; and share insights into why they receive such high engagement scores from their staff and volunteers.

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