Dr Kerry Bennett

  • Dr Kerry Bennett

    The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne

About Kerry

Dr Kerry Bennett is the Chief Executive Officer of the Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne, a global membership organisation of university graduates. She also heads up Graduate House, both a meeting place for not-for-profits, the education sector and government; and a residential college for about 800 postgraduates each year.

Holding a doctorate in neuroscience from Cambridge University, Dr Bennett has worked in the US, Europe and Australia in organisations, including Monash University, the Ian Potter Foundation and the George Alexander Foundation. She is committed to the application of neuroscience systems for social good internationally, and is a regular speaker at conferences around the world, as well as a university-level teacher and lecturer.

About the session

How neuroscience can help forge a “team mindset” in your team

Teams form the core of almost every organisation. And while team members undoubtedly share similarities, often there are significant differences in individual mindsets which can influence the team’s collective thinking, acting, learning and efficacy.

Dr Bennett will discuss how neuroscience can help you forge a “team mindset” in your team. Drawing on her experience of leadership across different sectors, Dr Bennett will speak to the challenges of bringing together divergent mindsets to foster and enable innovation, motivation and operational progress in not-for-profit teams.