Lorrae Carr

  • Lorrae Carr
    Recruitment and Retention Manager

    Churches of Christ in Queensland

About Lorrae

Lorrae Carr is highly experienced human resources professional, honing her skills over the past 17 years in industries as diverse at consumer goods, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals. Prior to this, Lorrae spent more than a decade in sales and marketing.

In 2013, Lorrae was appointed Recruitment and Retention Manager at Churches of Christ in Queensland, where she is responsible for defining and implementing innovative staff attraction and retention strategies. Lorrae combines her marketing experience and creative skills to take an innovative view of recruitment as the sales and marketing function of HR.


About this session 

Developing a successful employer brand: how Churches of Christ in Queensland did it, and the valuable lessons they learned

As competition for the best staff grows in many parts of the NFP sector, branding is becoming increasingly critical in recruitment. So how do you develop your employer brand? How is it different to your corporate brand – and how do you consolidate the two? In this high-level presentation, join Churches of Christ in Queensland’s Lorrae Carr as she takes you through the organisation’s successful branding strategy – and why your organisation needs to develop its own. Learn what they did well, what they missed and how not-for-profits have the easiest stories to communicate and tell.

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