Mike Brett

  • Mike Brett
    Asia-Pacific Sales Director


About Mike

Mike Brett is the Asia-Pacific Sales Director at Xref, where he has been a pivotal part of the company’s commercial and cultural growth since 2015. With more than six years’ experience in recruitment in the UK, China and Australia, Mike has a deep understanding of the various issues HR professionals grapple with.

Mike is passionate about helping not-for-profits streamline their hiring process, reduce costs and protect their organisation against breaches of privacy, security and governance, and as such, specialises in the hiring challenges faced by the not-for-profit sector.

About This Session

Recruitment panel: how to make your recruitment processes work harder and smarter

For many organisations, HR processes like reference checking have been done the same way for years. But what if this adherence to tradition wasn’t optimal, but rather wasted valuable time and significantly increased recruitment risks?

Join Xref’s Mike Brett and a panel of HR leaders as they talk through the issues that arise when organisations don’t keep up with developments in recruitment. You’ll learn about the risks of process fatigue, the importance of the candidate experience, finding the right balance between tech and human instinct – and, ultimately, how to make your processes work harder for you.

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