Naomi Nash

  • Naomi Nash
    Chief Executive Officer

    New River Leadership

About Naomi

Naomi Nash is the CEO and lead consultant at New River Leadership. Holding degrees in information technology and secondary teaching, she has worked as a facilitator and coach with social organisations, schools and executives to explore leadership and cultural change.

Naomi is a co-author, with Peter Kaldor and Sophie Paterson of the newly released book Rethinking Leadership (2017).


About the session

Why rethinking leadership could change our world

Great leadership has the potential to transform individuals, organisations and entire communities. But all too often, leadership development is reserved for a special few at the top or happens only if there is space in the budget – leaving an immense gap in the quality of leadership in many organisations.

Discover a new mindset and practice for leadership in this practical workshop led by two experts in the field. You’ll learn how to develop effective leadership strategies for complex times, how to improve your ability to deal with ongoing change, and how everyone can contribute authentically – without breaking the budget.